Laptop and Device Tracking

Track and locate laptops, smartphones and tablets across your organization in real-time

Laptop and Device Tracking

Ultra-accurate location

EXO5 uses multiple methods to locate assets to provide the best location accuracy worldwide including wi-fi and cellular triangulation, GPS, MAC address correlation, and IP address databases from multiple providers.

Dynamic maps

Use the Google Maps interface to quickly locate assets, or the real-time LiveMap display for a commanding view of your entire organization.

Geofence monitors

Administrators can define geofences and get notified when assets cross into or out of them. Combined with RemoteKill triggers and presets, organizations can ensure assets only operate where they should be.

Real-time agent

The EXO5 agent uses a persistent and secure connection to provide asset inventory, geolocation and command execution in real-time. Information is always up-to-date, which is critical in a developing theft scenario.