OEMs and ISVs: EXO5 Cloud Application Platform (ECAP)

More and more of your enterprise customers are moving to the cloud. The EXO5 Cloud Application Platform (ECAP) allows you to keep up with your customers by transforming your existing products into cloud services.

The first and only platform of its kind, ECAP features modern web UI, real-time cloud-to-client communications, and robust infrastructure tools–allowing ISVs and OEMs to create cloud products that delight customers while providing the scalability, security and high-availability that enterprises demand.

ECAP lets you rapidly go-to-market and innovate in the cloud while focusing on your core competencies, enabling you to transform your business at a fraction of the time and cost of building your own cloud platform.

VARs, MSPs, and Software Distributors: EXO5 Partner Program

With cybercrime growing and the consequences of lost IT assets becoming more serious, demand for endpoint tracking and security solutions has never been higher – and today, more and more customers expect these solutions to be delivered as cloud services.

EXO5 is a powerful and unique addition to your service portfolio that will help your clients lose fewer PCs, protect sensitive data in the event of theft, and deploy their IT assets more efficiently.

A range of program options include simple reseller agreements, distributor-class services with multi-level account provisioning, and OEM-level co-branded service offerings.